The Ideal City

TUSCH Theater und SchuleWhere do you prefer to live, in a Utopia or in Dystopia? A play about the visions of an ideal City

TV broadcast about the theatre project „The Ideal City“on Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb):

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Through multilingual dialogues in German, Polish and English, beat-boxing and dance performances, young city dwellers present their vision of an ideal city, their daily experiences, utopias, dreams and stereotypes.

The play “The Ideal City” is the result of an intense collaboration between young people from Berlin and Warsaw and professional directors and choreographers who came together in the summer of 2009 to launch a theatre enterprise spanning across different nations. This resulted in authentic testimonials of two different and yet similar living environments.

Project manager: Renate Breitig

Directors and choreographers:
On the German side: Uta Plate (director, Schaubühne Berlin), Mikel Aristegui (choreographer, Schaubühne Berlin)
On the Polish side: Justyna Sobczyk (Instytut Teatralny), Karolina Krawczyk (Instytut Teatralny), Filip Szatarski (Instytut Teatralny)

Steven Strehl (TUSCH Berlin), Magdalena Szpak (TISZ Instytut Teatralny)

Netti Aettner (D), Pedram Alizadeh (D), Mika Ariallah (D),Yolanda Beirao (D), Tarik Beyer, (D) Lucia Eifler (D), Philipp Fleischer (D), Konstancja Gierba (PL), Marion Heider (D), Hanna Hochuli (D), Raban Klesse (D), Mateusz Jaśkiewicz (PL), Janka Kędziora (PL), Patrycja Kępka(PL), Paweł Majchrzak (PL), Kacper Pietraszewski (PL), Paulina Prokopiak (PL), Ida Skrzeszewska(PL), Agnieszka Stecko (PL), Katarzyna Stępniak (PL), Wojceich Sztyk (PL), Mikołaj Ulatowski (PL)

The project is a co-operation between the TUSCH Theatre and School Berlin and the Polish TISZ (Teatr i Szkola – Theatre and School) from Instytut Teatralny Warszawa.


Theater im Palais Podewil
Klosterstraße 68-70
17.03.2010 (premiere), 18.03.2010


Collegium Nobilium
ul. Miodowa 22/24
24. and 25.04.2010, 7.30 pm
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