Polski Express

Polski Express III

Polski Express is a Polish theatre festival established in Berlin. After a break of four years, the third issue is taking place within the project "The Promised City".

Over the past few years, Polish self-understanding has changed radically. Joining the EU has altered the face of society with economic growth on the one hand, and with the beginning of the crisis on the other. Not everything that has been promised is being realised. There is now a stronger will to come to terms with recent history. Many current theatrical works focus on the period of the Second World War, on the crimes and anti-Semitism on the Polish side, on the collaboration with the Germans. Reflecting on one's own history does not change anything about the pursuit of happiness, which, after the end of Communism, it seems can only be found in capitalism. The third edition of Polski Express has invited works about Poland's current reflection on history, works that shed a critical light on the present capitalist times, works that are in search of their own language. Alongside theatrical productions by the most important Polish artists, there will be discussions, interdisciplinary projects, and a series of lectures by the activists of the reborn Polish left.

Press material Polski Express III

Curator: Dr Stefanie Wenner

25.05. 2010 – 5. 06. 2010

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Polski Express III is a production by HAU, and is being sponsored by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds, the Foundation for German-Polish Co-operation and the Adam-Mickiewicz Institute.

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