If I can make it there

If I can make it there. On cities and their promises.

Lech RowińskiInternational Lecture Series in Berlin and Warsaw

In evening lectures from March to July in Berlin and Warsaw and in October and November in Mumbai, international scholars, city researchers and essayists will shed light on life in metropolises and will establish relationships between migration, tourism, city planning and architecture.

How do I want to live, to play? How do I want to consume, to work?

People living in cities put these questions to themselves in the course of their individual survival strategies. Here cities lay out a wide variety of offers. Architects and planners create spaces that structure life and are the keys to understanding our social coexistence. They also take care of the marketing that makes these spaces attractive. Tourists and migrants, who are attracted, wooed or intimidated by the city, play an important role, because the dynamic of social coexistence is dependent on them – the growth or decline of the cities, their presence on the international stage or their return to a provincial role, prosperity or poverty.

Concept: Stefanie Peter

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