Illustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa AutografIllustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa Autograf
Designer: Duncan Speakman, Simon Johnson
Number of Players: Maximum 10
Materials required: MP3 players (with 3-song playlist provided by moderator)
Moderator(s): 1
Preparation time: Playlist construction, "dry run" to explain the game
Playing time: Up to 10 minutes
Playing field: Best played in busy bar/club environment, preferably with players spread around club at start of game
Activities: Dancing!
License: CC BY-NC

Synchronise your dancing or lose the game. Ideal for busy bars and clubs.


Gamers are loaned MP3 players in shuffle mode and place false plastic lips in their mouths (to prevent talking). At game start, they all press play on the MP3s, then only by dancing, they must identify other players that are listening to the same song and form a group with them. At the end of the song, you get knocked out if you’re in the wrong group (or if you’re on your own when other people are dancing to the same song as you).


In a 2-player variant of this game, each player is given an MP3 with 5 songs on it. Through dancing and skipping through tracks, they must both end up dancing to the same song in less than 1 minute. This variant could be toured around the club by a referee with the 2 MP3 players.
Simon Johnson
is a co-founder of the international street games festival igfest and part of the British game development firm Slingshot. The company is equally involved both in development of play apps for smartphones and in live games with several hundred participants.

Illustration: Łukasz Dudasz, Grupa Autograf
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