Billboard Guerrilla

Grafik: Magdalena PrzybyłoGraphics: Magdalena Przybyło

Swing as a gorilla through the urban jungle and rid the landscape of advertising sprawl! How fast can you manage to tear down the placards and advertising banners in eight urban landscapes?

Use the arrow keys to move
> forwards
< backwards.
^ up
˅ down
Use the spacebar to remove the placards.

By tearing down the placards, you win from time to time stencils for murals. But beware of the old woman, the little boy, the doves and the billboard worker!

If you’ve managed to remove all the placards in the city, you can yourself slip into the role of artist using a dilapidated wall as your canvas. Smarten up the city by using the stencils you’ve won to create murals.

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Graphics and idea: Magdalena Przybyło
Programming: Bartosz Porębski
Music: Michał Birek

Copyright: Goethe-Institut Krakau 2014