German Reading Rooms

Since the early 1990s we have seen a steady rise in demand in some global regions for German literature as well as information from and about Germany. For this reason, the Goethe-Institut decided to meet the needs that can no longer be covered by libraries in its own network through long-term cooperation structures. With the support of partners and experts in the host countries, this led to the establishment and expansion of a network that helps to extend the range of our dissemination of information and culture and the scope of processes for fostering mutual understanding.

The partner libraries and reading rooms are integrated into the existing library structures of the host countries. The "host libraries" provide suitable space, German-speaking staff and library-specific infrastructure. The Goethe-Institut ensures an annual basic supply of media, technical equipment and staff training at the local level.

At present, alongside the 95 libraries at Goethe-Instituts, there are 89 cooperating facilities:
11 dialog points: 10 in North Africa and the Near East and one in Southern Asia
5 information and learning centers: four in China and one in Mongolia
41 reading rooms: 30 in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, two in China and nine in South-Eastern Europe
32 partner libraries in Central and Eastern Europe

In addition, many libraries and cultural institutions receive support in setting up and expanding their German-language media collections, particularly in Western and Central Europe, and also overseas. The aim of the Goethe-Institut is always to ensure free access to information everywhere in the world. At the same time, it seeks to provide direct, hands-on experience with modern library work that is adapted to future challenges.