Matabb was broadcast on Palestine Satellite Channel and through local Palestinian broadcasters during Ramadan 2008.
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(c) Goethe-Institut Ramallah, 2008MATABB (Arabic for ‘Speed Bump’) is an all-new Palestinian TV-serial. The title of the series is derived from the notorious and randomly built speed bumps on Palestinian streets. The title metaphorically refers to the ups and downs in the life of its protagonists. The setting is one of the abundant non-government organizations (NGO) in Ramallah which are mainly funded from abroad.

There are five main threads in this soap opera:

  1. The political plot: the team’s efforts to get Souhaila’s son Mustafa out of Israeli detention
  2. The personal tragedy: Samira’s unrequited love and its tragic consequences
  3. The difficulties of everyday life: Majed’s and Wafa’s crisis-stricken marriage
  4. Romance and the knight in shining armor: Lama and Said
  5. The mystery from the past: the source of the organization’s funds

Number of episodes: 10
Duration of each episode: 26’
Producer: Goethe-Institut Palestinian Territories


    Who is Shprocket?
    A foreign expert?
    Sameera's lover?
    Im Mustafa's youngest son?


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