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Welcome to the Amazon website! Here you’ll find out more about Amazonia, about the Amazon rain forest and about indigenous peoples and in particular our project partners, the Yanomami – with plenty of background on their history, their day-to-day lives, their culture and cosmology.
Yanomami Indian | © Amazonas-Musiktheater Joachim Bernauer/Hutukara Associação Yanomami

What Are “Indigenous Peoples”?

What do we really know about the life of “indigenous peoples”? Far too little! This article informs you about the indigenous peoples in the Amazon region and specifically about the Yanomami.More ...
© Amazonas Music theatre Verena Hütter

The blue-lipped tiger: A class of Munich schoolkids aims to save the rain forest

Tote bags, friendship bracelets, postcards and tortillas: a stand kids from Icho School in Munich set up in their effort to save the rain forest.More ...
© ZKM M. Büchner/HAY

Earth-Forest or Nature?

The word “urihi a”, in yanomami, designates both tropical forest and the soil on which it grows. It also refers, by a succession of links, to the idea of open and contextual territoriality.More ...
Demini | Photo: J. Bernauer © Amazonas Music Theatre/ HAY

The work of the shamans

After the initiation of a shaman, the auxiliary spirits „xapiri pë” that he has just acquired (his “children”) live in a collective house, established above him, tied to the “breast of the sky”.More ...
Demini | Photo: J. Bernauer © Amazonas Music Theatre/ HAY

On the Origin of the Whites

The ethnonym “Yanomami” was created by anthropologists who worked with this group in Venezuela, taking into consideration the self-denomination in the language of the western Yanomami: yanõmami tëpë, which simply means “human beings”.More ...
Demini | Photo: J. Bernauer © Amazonas Musiktheater/ HAY

The Yanomami in Brazil

It is estimated today that the Yanomami population in Brazil numbers approximately 15.500 individuals. This population occupies the region of Upper Rio Branco and the left bank of rio Negro.More ...
Photo: J.Bernauer © Amazonas Music Theatre/HAY

The Yanomami

The Yanomami are a hunter-gatherer society and farmers who practice coivara agriculture in the north of the Amazon. They occupy the tropical forest on the west of the Guyana massif.More ...
Photo: J.Bernauer © Amazonas Musiktheater/HAY

Urihi a – by Davi Kopenawa

The forest is not dead, if it were the trees would have no leaves. Nor would it have water. The trees of the forest are beautiful because they are alive.More ...
© ZKM Moritz Büchner/Hutukara Associação Yanomami

Quiz: Amazon Rain Forest

How much do you know about the rainforest? In 13 questions, you can test your knowledge.More ...
Foto: J. Bernauer © Amazonas-Musiktheater, HAY

The Amazon, Global Climate and Destruction of the Rain Forest

Um den Amazonasfluss herum erstreckt sich das größte Regenwaldgebiet der Erde über neun Länder. Hier liegt die biologisch reichste Wildnis der Erde.More ...

Amazonas – Acoustic Memo-Game

We are used to concentrating on visual input: pictures, photos, movies and colours. But the most important thing about this acoustic memo game is music and sounds. So perk up your ears, your hearing is required!More ...

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