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Guiomar’s stamp | © Survival International

Mail for You! Letters from Guiomar

In her letters, Guiomar tells of life in her village in the middle of the jungle – of big celebrations, foreign gold prospectors, healing plants and wild boar hunting.More ...
© Amazonas Music theatre Verena Hütter

The blue-lipped tiger: A class of Munich schoolkids aims to save the rain forest

Tote bags, friendship bracelets, postcards and tortillas: a stand kids from Icho School in Munich set up in their effort to save the rain forest.More ...
Ever since the 17th century, the price of gold has been set on the world market. | ©


Gold glitters beautifully and has always been coveted. But the gold mining constitutes a serious danger for the rainforest.More ...
Foto: Sérgio Pinto © Amazonas-Musiktheater, Hutukara Associação Yanomami


Spring, summer, autumn and fall? – Forget it! Not everywhere on earth the four seasons alternate.More ...

Amazonas – Acoustic Memo-Game

We are used to concentrating on visual input: pictures, photos, movies and colours. But the most important thing about this acoustic memo game is music and sounds. So perk up your ears, your hearing is required!More ...

“Humanimal“ – Competition

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PIB Mirim
PIB Povos Indígenas no Brasil

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