Welcome on board – Journey to Watoriki

© ZKM, Hutukara Associação Yanomami, Foto: Moritz Büchner

A flight from Frankfurt to São Paolo, on to Boa Vista in the Brazilian state of Roraima and across the rain forest to Watoriki, the village of the Yanomami: a travel video by Moritz Büchner.

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Moving Noodles: „There and Back Again“ | © ZKM, Moritz Büchner

The object of the trip to Demini (called Watoriki in Yanomami) in August 2009 was to attend a workshop, organized by Bruce Albert and Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, with the Yanomami Indian shamans. Some of the travellers – viz. Bruce Albert, Tato Taborda, Roland Quitt, Nora and Michael Scheidl – had got together in Vienna beforehand to map out clear-cut objectives for their journey. Four more shamans from other villages joined the party, as well as media artists Leandro Lima from São Paulo and Moritz Büchner from the ZKM Center for Media and Art in Karlsruhe, Germany. Moritz Büchner brought along a travel diary in video form from Watoriki entitled “Moving Noodles: ‘There and Back Again’”.


    A flight across the rain forest to Watoriki, the village of the Yanomami