29 February to 5 March 2008

First excursion to Demini for the Pupunha festival of the Yanomamö

Demini, close to the border between Brazil and Venezuela, 29 February to 5 March 2008

Panoramic montage by Sérgio Pinto. Photographed 2008 in the jungle village of Watoriki in the Brazilian rainforest near the border to Venezuela. | Photo: Sérgio Pinto/Hutukara Associação Yanomami

In January 2008, it was agreed with the shaman Davi Kopenawa Yanomami that an attempt should be made to create the opera in collaboration with the Yanomamö tribe. As a first step towards this goal, Davi Kopenawa invited a group of those involved in the opera project to his home village of Demini (Watoriki) in the state of Roraima, close to the border between Brazil and Venezuela.


  • Carlo Zacquini (Catholic expert in dialogue with the Yanomamö)
  • Joachim Bernauer (Goethe-Institut São Paulo)
  • Klaus Schedl (composer)
  • Laymert Garcia dos Santos (sociologist)
  • Leandro Lima (video artist)
  • Marcelo Bressanin (SESC São Paulo)
  • Michael Scheidl (director)
  • Pablo Martins (Brazilian Ministry of Culture MinC)
  • Tato Taborda (composer)
  • Present in an independent capacity: Bruce Albert (anthropologist)