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Education Program: Campus, competition and community

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Teaching texts, a video competition and a community acquaint school children with the life of the Yanomami in the Amazonian rainforest.

A central part of the Amazonas music theater project is the education program, developed at the express wish of the Yanomami. It is intended to make children and young people aware of the dangerous situation of the rainforest and the foundations of indigenous life there. “Campus”, a new section of, will soon be accessible to children, young people and teachers. It will include a broad collection of materials: texts for teaching, photo galleries, audios, videos, plays and puzzles. A digital film competition will encourage schoolchildren’s creative and multi-media skills. In the Amazonas Community, pupils and teachers can exchange ideas and get in touch with the Yanomami themselves. In addition, experts from the education program will visit selected schools in Munich. During the period of the opera’s performances, they will be accompanied by Davi Kopenawa, shaman and spokesman for the Yanomami, and by the Yanomami teachers Dario and Enio, who will tell of their lives in the Amazonian rainforest and answer questions from the schoolchildren.

Annette Geller

Cooperation: ISA (Instituto Socioambiental)



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