Photos by: Asier Pagola



Suhuluceni is a village whose new school also welcomes students from two neighbouring villages, due to the amalgamation of Moldovan schools.

The place I chose is the yard of the old primary school. It is an old building, and was therefore abandoned in 1999. It hasn’t hosted any events since. I chose this place because it is the school I went to, the school where I got my education. To have contemporary Bessarabian writings read out. To contribute to the development of the villagers, children and adults alike, who have long forgotten to open a book, or, even worse, to get to know their national writers.

The project was organized in the schoolyard. The opening consisted of three parts: first, a reading of some of Eugen Cicolea’s poems; second – the screening of a German film, a part of the KulTour programme; third – the communication part with music, pie, sarmale and mulled wine around a bonfire. Books were donated to individuals and the school library. The donations included books by Emilian Galaicu-Paun, Eugen Cioclea, Aureliu Busuioc, Val Butnaru, as well as history books for the school library etc

A local music band called Plumbum performed at the event. There is only one wish I have for the future – that the locals preserve all this for themselves and use this space the way they deem fit for other events of this kind.

I’d really like to organize a concert in this place (as it is suitable for this purpose) because the locals are looking forward to the next event. But I will also organize periodic events: video art projections and experimental film, contemporary theatre plays, artists in residence, etc. I would like to have the support that I need to be able to organize such events on different themes. Original Bessarabian film, visual arts, music etc. need reviving and the locals need to become acquainted with them. Thus, this place will remain a cultural space for cultural and artistic events.

Dumitru Stegerescu, Coordinator