Photos by: Lina Donica


“Al. Plămădeală” National College of Fine Arts, Chișinău Str. Independenței 1

Anexa 1 is a space where the young students of the National College of Fine Arts can relax proactively.

Ciprian Antonici and I jointly applied for the grant offered by the Goethe Institut and thanks to a bit of luck, we managed to win it. That’s how it all started: hard work, sleepless nights and the thought that Anexa was starting to come to life – yet another dream… We tidied up, we assembled the chairs, the tables and the stage and we started painting. The first two graffiti works were painted for a contest – that we organized in the College – by the still inexperienced college students. We then organized a workshop for a week with the German artist Ursula Meyer.

Eight of the college students took part in an unforgettable week, where they learnt things like how to properly handle a paint spray can and how to work in a team with plenty of ideas that they then had to forge into one. That’s because in a 24sq m space, the young artists created a graffiti collage where they depicted human power. Some perceived it as solidarity, others as women or astronauts, or even aggressive men. We are grateful to Ursula for everything she taught us but also because she left a part of herself in Anexa.

Thus, if you visit this venue, you can see a colourful oriental graffiti of a woman – Yes, yes! It’s hers! Anexa also hosts a graffiti signed by the Moldovan artist Izzy – an abstract graffiti in blue, pink and green hues. Another graffiti, which appeared right on the day of the official opening, belongs to the Romanian artist, Cosmin-Ionut Iluc. Cosmin contacted us so spontaneously and convincingly that all we had to do was find some scaffolding for him to climb on and paint the two birds, which represent Moldova and Romania.

And this is how my story reached its most important evening, the official opening. Even though the event started at 18:30, much to our joy, the College students showed up about 16:00 to give us a helping hand. We installed the light projectors at 18:00 and a few moments later, the Moldovan band “Flash Blood” arrived. To warm up the audience, we started the concert with an improvised band – two super-talented male friends of ours.

I then had to climb onto the stage, where all eyes were on me. I talked to them a little bit about the Anexa and I obviously thanked the Goethe Institut for all their support and for the fact that they attended the event. My intervention didn’t last long - and it shouldn’t have anyway. Subsequently, the young audience was entertained by Flash Blood and then by the mixes of a local DJ. Nothing could make me happier than the realization that despite the cold weather and the fact that Anexa is an open space, so many good people attended the event.

Because we are now into winter and it’s freezing, we can only look at it through a window and make plans for the spring. If you want to keep up with it, you could follow our Facebook page – Anexa nr.1 – and our Instagram page – anexa1chisinau.

Dana Maxim, Project Coordinator