BUNCHER Art Gallery

Photos by: Aser Pagola, Sergiu Ciorescu

BUNCHER Art Gallery, Chișinău

AMTAP, The Faculty of Fine Arts
Str. 31 August 1989, 137

There are a lot of underground spaces in Chisinau (catacombs, air-raid shelters, basements, cellars etc.). The Faculty of Fine Arts located on Str. 31 August used to be a hotel and had its own underground spaces. The current Academy of Music, Drama and Fine Arts (AMTAP), which has been located in these three venues for less than a century, has come to the conclusion that the Faculty of Fine Arts does not have a gallery for its students and academics to display their work. They were faced with the same problem when it came to a lot of extracurricular activities, workshops, exhibitions, events and visiting academics. This is the reason why we wanted to revamp a space, which was used as a closet, in the basement of the Faculty of Fine Arts building and convert it into a co-working space.

Chisinau, 14th October 2015, the Academy of Music, Drama and Fine Arts, building III, the Faculty of Fine Arts. The first event organized and developed in the revamped venue called the “ArtBuncherGallery” – which all of us, students and academics alike, have been looking forward to. A symbolic date, which was a new opportunity for those willing to express themselves as artists, as moderators of social and cultural ideas, or for those people who just love the art world.

The gallery has a 60 sq m space, which allows for the organizing of different cultural events. It is located on the building’s patio, in the area of the air-raid shelters, which is why it is called “Buncher”. One of its advantages is its geographical location, namely the centre of the capital city. Another advantage is the permanent audience within the institution and, last but not least, its qualified and experienced coordinators.

Vasile Sitari, Coordinator