# ADAPTER. Kremenciug

Photos by: Shura Vasina, Marina Orlova, Ilya Dudnik

# ADAPTER. Kremenciug

The alternative space #Adapter was inaugurated at Kremenciug on 18th October 2015 within the KulTour Programme, which is part of “Alternative KunsTraume – Alternative Art Spaces in Moldova”, a project organized and funded by the Goethe-Institut.

We had less than a month to convert the 79 square metres of the abandoned carpentry workshop into an alternative cultural space.

The basic funding that the grant provided was spent on the installation of the electrical network, radiators (because the room did not have any heating), the levelling and the painting of the walls.

The main challenge for us was the flooring, which the old carpentry workshop basically did not have. We had a limited budget and a very tight deadline. After going over several options, we agreed to go for pallets covered with OSB sterling boards, but after calculating our budget, we realized we didn’t have sufficient funds.

At this stage, one of the activists came up with the idea of using recycled materials. He worked for a ceramics shop and told us that the shop periodically threw away OSB sterling boards with ceramic tiling stuck on them that they’d used for exhibition stands. We spent a few nights removing the ceramic tiles from the OSB boards, which we then used to cover the floor.

I built all the furniture for the adaptor from pallets, with my own hands; I completed the new space with benches that the Artistic Salon still manufactured. A colourful shelf, installed along the whole wall, was found in an abandoned garage, where different tools had been stored. All we did was paint the shelf white and now it makes up for the want of alternative space.

I invited all the inhabitants of Kremenciug to the opening of #Adapter on 18th October. To be honest, we didn’t even expect that many people. We invited international experts, urban experts and experts in the field of cultural activism and creative industries from different Ukrainian towns to the opening. Our partners knew, understood and were able to analyse and explain to the people the processes that had taken place in Kremenciug that year.

The opening started with an outdoor picnic. The yard, which had been sad and deserted, became an interesting place, which appealed to a lot of people who were talking passionately around the pyre.

During my conversations with our guests, I explained the idea behind the name of our space. The Adaptor is a piece that fuels other devices with energy or motional power. The “Adapter” Centre is an association platform that connects the different communities and initiatives of Kremenciug, that encourages the output of various cultural products (ideas, different events).

A few days later, enchanted by this idea, the German video illustrator Tobias Last, who was in Kremenciug at the time for a brief artistic residence within the KulTour Project, created the symbol of our space along with local activists. A cabinet with an active screen for displaying mobile text was manufactured from an old monitor and was equipped with a lot of sockets and electrical plugs.

We are creating a process of developing activities – one that is as open as possible. At the office of the Adapter Centre there is an “open” calendar where any initiative can be registered.

We are planning to organize many more activities in the future, but what’s happening now at Adapter inspires us and gives us the strength to actively continue developing this alternative cultural centre.

Irina Kați, or. Kremenciug, Poltava Region, Ukraine