Photos by: Frank Schulte, Valeria Barbas, Sergiu Ciorescu, Ruben Agadjanean


The City Gates, bd. Dacia 51, CHIŞINĂU
Resident Frank Schulte (Köln)
Wärmepol Project

I had been looking forward to the arrival of our first resident. I had put a lot of work into this. We forgot we were artists and, Maxim Kuzimenko and I, became painters and decorators, workmen and porters. Thanks to the KunsTraume Project and with the help of the KSAK volunteers, the financial support of the Oberlicht organization and the furniture donated by Meteor SRL, the technical venue was converted into a pretty comfortable home. While working on its conversion, we were faced with hostility from a neighbour, whose “roof” is our terrace. He tried to limit our access to it in every possible way and also to prevent us from working there. But we resisted him stoutly.

In the end, this neighbour did not allow us to fully realize the art project of the resident painter, Frank Schulte. But even under these circumstances, the project will be completed next spring.

Starting in the 1980s this place was for a long time the venue of the Moldovan cultural underground. Then it was abandoned for quite a while and subsequently, due to the KunsTraume KRYSHA Project, it was converted into something different, namely a residence. The well-known painter Frank Schulte, a disciple of Joseph Beuys, has become a pioneer of our creative residence. He is a composer and a media painter and, together with the Moldovan painter Valeria Barbas, he created the audio-visual installation called Warmepol (“warm little place” in German), where one feels protected and filled with positive energy. This work was devised for two interdependent spaces, PODZEMKA and KRYSHA, within the KunsTraume Project.

In this project, PODZEMKA appears as a “generator of ideas”, where various people can hang “positive wishes” from the ceiling and the KRYSHA, located at the highest altitude in the city, was going to be “the transmission unit where messages are sent to the sky”.

The painter wanted to create “Geodezik House” here, where visitors together with the inhabitants of the City Gates (that’s the nickname of the house that is hosting KRYSHA) could plant flowers and other plants that would “generate positive ideas” which, in turn, would be sent to the sky by the transmission unit. Due to the above-mentioned circumstances, the project has been put off until spring. We are still working on it.

Ludmila Bouros, Coordinator