ProCivic Cinema

Photos by: Ruben Agadjanean

ProCivic Cinema. Film screening.

(Bardar, Ialoveni. Air-Raid Shelter, str. Aurel David)

I am very proud of Bardar, my home village located in the district of Ialoveni. Due to its proximity to Chisinau, the village is taking a different direction to other Moldovan rural localities: the population is growing so that, according to the authorities, the local high school will see increasing numbers of students. The local high school has an enrolment of over 700 students, out of which 50 study music. A new generation of musicians is thus blooming in Bardar, which is why I decided to use the potential of the local youth.

I myself am one of those people who have returned. I have returned to Bardar and I’m trying to contribute to the development of my home village as well as that of the local youth. Together with a few other young colleagues, I founded the Intitiativa ProCivic in 2013.

With the support of the project “KunsTraume - Alternative Art Spaces”, my friends and I furnished an alternative space in the large basement of the Bardar Cultural Centre. During the Soviet era this basement was used as an air-raid shelter in case of a “Western invasion”. But it hadn’t been in use for decades, so its stairways, hallways and rooms were full of rubble; it had no windows and no electricity.

Some of our ideas became reality due to the financial support we received from the “KunsTraume – Alternative Art Spaces” Project. Thus, ProCivic managed to turn the old bunker into a surprisingly friendly venue, where art, culture and education can meet in a pleasant environment. The electrical installation was installed, the walls repaired and new flooring was laid.

On the occasion of the opening of the new ProCivic Cinema, we had a photography exhibition. The film we screened at the opening was directly related to Bardar. A documentary dealt with the history of Gheorghe Tonu, the village’s first urban photographer, with a lot of snapshots of old Bardar, priceless to the locals. To me, this studio represents not only a place where one can watch films, listen to and make music, but also a workshop where we can learn and develop. The film theatre will be open to the public.

Daniel Valachi, Coordinator