Photos by: Sergiu Ciorescu, Ruben Agadjanean


Stadionul Mare, TOHATIN

HAI AFARA is the name of the outdoor cinema of Tohatin Commune, initiated and organized as part of the Project „KunsTraume – Alternative Art Spaces in Moldova”.

The villagers rejoiced at the refurbishing of this space where they can watch Moldovan films, gather around a bonfire and share their thoughts and opinions with their fellow villagers or their relatives from the other end of the village whom, for various reasons, they haven’t seen for a while.

This was the initial idea, to encourage the people to watch local productions and become acquainted with the origins of filmmaking. Although we also experimented with German films, which they really enjoyed, the filmgoers are not yet completely satisfied. This is because I did not analyse the situation from the beginning and I did not foresee or think about the preferences of my audience. Thus, on the basis of the experience we acquired from the material we showed the previous year and from our discussions with the villagers, I understood that “the people’s voice” needed to be heard. This outdoor cinema project helped me broaden my circle of friends and acquaintances in the place where I was born and raised but where, paradoxically, we had not had the chance to share common interests or say anything other than a mere “hello”.

We didn’t have access to electricity until now. We used to “borrow” it from a neighbour during the events. But now the local administration sees our project in a different light and I think that we will have an effective dialogue in the not-too-distant future. This will probably lead to a partnership with the village schools and even the involvement of the locals.

To many of the inhabitants of Tohatin, HAI AFARA is a breath of fresh air, a new and, dare I say it, exotic thing, for the simple reason that it provides them with the opportunity to go out, meet up and talk to different people, to watch films that they understand and to take their children and grandchildren out.

Tatiana Miron, Coordinator