TIPOGRAFIA 5. CityScape.

Photos by: Sergiu Ciorescu, Ruben Agadjanean

TIPOGRAFIA 5. CityScape.

(Chișinău,Tipografia 5, str. V. Pârcălab 45)

The initiative Tipografia 5 is located right in the centre of Chisinau, on the 5th (and top) floor of the old printing house building. It encompasses an art gallery, a bar and a dance floor. In the past few years, the club has become the favourite meeting place for the Chisnau youth. It hosts independent film screenings, concerts, art workshops etc.

The venue is located in the building of the Universul Publishing House and the building itself is an eloquent example of socialist-modernist architecture in the heart of the capital city. By reusing this abandoned venue for cultural purposes, the organizers have chosen to establish, expand and develop a new cultural centre.

The initiative group Tipografia 5 has devised the concept of a mobile exhibition pavilion within the KunsTraume project.

Our idea stemmed from the understanding that contemporary art in Moldova is facing a real lack of exhibition venues. The artists deal with this problem however they can – they either display their transitory projects in public spaces or use available props like walls, trees etc. We have come up with a better idea – an installation like a “mobile gallery”, namely an installation that can be dismantled, transported and reassembled quickly in various spaces – like for instance a park.

The installation is modular – it has an almost unlimited potential for growth and can be transported as a whole or in pieces, according to the requirements and the extent of the event. It is a sort of nomadic art pavilion or an art gallery that can be located anywhere. The material we used to build this installation-exhibition has its own story. The spiralled paper tubes that we used to build larger paper rolls, had been used by the Universul Publishing House for printing. In fact, these tubes represent leftover rolls, but they are frequently used by the Publishing House workers as material for partition walls. Around the world, these leftover rolls are generally used for settings, installations and even, in some cases, like natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes, for temporary shelters.

The team are planning to convert Tipografia 5 into a functional cultural centre. We have a good working relationship with “Fabrica de pensule”, a cultural initiative from Cluj, who have done a similar project. We’d like to bring them over to Chisinau, to invite several organizations and initiatives in the industry to a 2-3 day workshop where we can decide together how to furbish this space so that it can cater for the needs of various artistic genres and cultural initiatives: dance groups, theatre and music bands, painters, multimedia artists, spaces for rehearsals etc.

Mihail Țurcanu, Coordinator