Photos by: Frank Schulte, Valeria Barbas, Sergiu Ciorescu, Ruben Agadjanean


“Al. Șciusev” Children’s School of Arts, str. Alexandru cel Bun 19

The idea to create the PODZEMKA Gallery came to me when I was looking for basement rooms for the art project “Metrobunker” in 2010. I found such an architectural object in the basement of the Al. Sciusev Children’s School of Arts, in the centre of Chisinau.

Subsequently the art project was realized in a different location and the underground room was converted into a gallery for the “KunsTraume Alternative” Project in 2014. The gallery is located in the basement of the two-story building of the School of Arts in the historic centre of Chisinau. The walls and the arched ceilings give this place a special allure.

But the most important aspect of this gallery is the opportunity to use it for educational purposes in the school. It was for this reason that the gallery was opened in December 2014. The art group “IZM” came up with the proposal to start a common exhibition with the students of the School of Arts. The topic was “alternative spaces” in the broader sense of the term. After the opening, which took place in the school, the painters and the students created about 30 works on this topic. Working together and launching the exhibition represented a priceless artistic experience. At the beginning of and halfway through 2015, the gallery hosted a few presentations.

At the end of 2015, the Warmepol Project was showcased in the gallery, as part of the KulTour Project. The creation is an audio installation produced by the media-painters Frank Schulte and Valeria Barbas. The project consists mainly of the good wishes and desires of the population of the city, voiced and recorded. And, of course, the installation was created with the direct participation of the School of Arts’ students. A very important aspect of the project was the fact that its second part was going to take place in a totally different venue, namely on the roof of the tallest building in Chisinau, where collected messages were going to be launched into the ether.

PODZEMKA Gallery is the first example in general of a non-commercial art gallery within an educational institution in Chisinau, Moldova. The participants in the creation process of the installation were the Goethe Institut in Bucharest, the IZM Art Group, the Al. Sciusev School of Arts for Children and the Centre for Modern Art of Moldova (KSAK). We hope this prolific partnership will continue in the future and bring beneficial results to the arts and culture of the Republic of Moldova.

Max Kuzmenko (Grupul Artistic IZM), Coordinator