Cultural Management

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A week of seminars in the field of Cultural Management in Chisinau

All 16 alternative art spaces suggest a high degree of commitment and the creative potential of the initiatives and people in charge.

Given that one of the main goals of the project was professionalizing the participants, at the initiative of the Goethe Institute, the representatives of almost all 16 alternative art spaces gathered in Chisinau on 29th November 2015, to enhance their knowledge in the field of cultural management. Within 7 workshops, the participants were given the opportunity to find out more about project management, Audience Development, PR and Marketing and Fundraising, as well as about the German cultural scene. They were encouraged to participate actively in individual and team assignments.

Two days were organized in partnership with the Polish Information Centre, which is active at a local level. The Polish trainers chose as their main focus innovative concepts for the use of local cultural centres and libraries, as well as the Creative Europe programme.

The Trainers’ Voice

Carolin Savchuk
Trainer at Savchuk & Partner, Berlin

Given the intense approach to the topic of “Cultural Marketing”, it became obvious that the participants’ commitment went beyond the cultural aspect. Through the alternative art spaces, they created sustainable conditions for discussions about relevant social topics. This is probably the most radical change: both the organizers and the public put forward their requirements, which are generously defined in relation to cultural projects; the audience becomes active, effectively playing the part of a “co-author”. To me as a trainer, this partnership was very inspiring and I wish all the participants good luck in implementing their ambitious plans.”

Tatjana Klemm
Trainer at STIC – Supporting Teams in Changes, Hamburg

“I was really impressed with the multiculturalism of Chisinau. The participants in my seminar, which was organized through fundraising, considered their multiculturalism to be the bedrock of the forces and resources of their creativity. They were eager to learn and they expressed their readiness to question old models and look for new solutions of their own”.

Constanze Stoll
Instructor at Kuhvogel – diversity, learning, change, Hamburg

I was impressed by the prompt and detailed organization of the workshop, which definitely took place in a setting with far less functional equipment and infrastructure than we’re used to in Germany. It was incredible and at the same time straightforward to work in one of the “alternative art spaces”, the Art Buncher Gallery of Chisinau; it was easy to create a creative atmosphere for the journey of initiation into creativity.
The participants were more than willing to cooperate, to share experiences and partake in dialogues. They showed an interest in going beyond the stereotypical management mindset and taking a new direction in thinking. This new direction entailed a holistic approach to processes to discover several co-creative types of teamwork. The decision to thematize the concept of “Audience Development” as a generic notion for a modern understanding of cultural management and analyze it in greater depth, was worth while. And that is because the activists made it clear that it was about time their countries appealed to the old audience and a new one, as well as to other types of audience with new cultural formats and events. Thus, culture would have a long-term positive influence on inherited thinking strategies and would help overcome existing stereotypes. Well done!”