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An artistic way from Almaty to New York.

Several years ago, my life drastically changed — modern art rushed into it. Together with it, I realized, after seven years of working in the office in the area of PR, where I was going and why I was doing that.

Now I am implementing my dream, doing what is important for me and what I am ready to dedicate my life to. Frankly speaking, everything is only beginning, and I feel I am in the right place and on the right road.

Changing settings

As Anne d’ Harnoncourt, the curator and the director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (USA) from 1982 to 2008, said, “One should watch, watch, and watch, and then watch again, because nothing will replace this experience”. I believe in that, too, and that was one of the reasons why I moved to New York in September 2016, as this is the center of modern art today. Now I am polishing my English and attending exhibitions, museums, and art galleries. I am planning to study art but I have not yet decided where it will be.

It all started at the beginning of 2015, when I was returning to Almaty from Rome. While I was in the air, questions buzzed in my head: what am I returning to, what am I doing and what am I wasting my life on? At that time, I was working as a PR-manager in the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan, which supports artistic youth. Yes, I liked the environment I was in, I it was pleasant for me to help young musicians and artists but working from nine to six and office routine were not what I really wanted.

Art had always been my passion — I followed the work of the Kazakh artists and the world trends and I studied art on my own. My attempt to study arts in the Academy of Arts ended up by my studying history at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The faculty of the world history was very strong, and the basic knowledge I obtained from my professors helped me and is still helping me in my work.

As I had always been interested in personal growth and my friends and colleagues often addressed me for help, I decided to bring my abilities and skills to a professional level. I got trained in a school for 3D-coaching and started the practice of a personal growth coach. Finally, this made me search for and implement my own potential.

From a puzzle to a total picture

As I returned to Almaty from Rome, I left my job, despite the financial stability and the work prospects I had. I wanted to make my life harmonious, to be free, and to feel satisfied by my work.

While I was considering what to do next, my friends and I started to develop a project of an art festival. By that time, I had already had the experience of organizing international forums, conferences, and large projects. Together, we prepared a project of a festival of modern art, architecture, and design Astana Art Fest. It was supported by the Astana municipality and has already been held twice in the capital of Kazakhstan. That was my first curator’s experience. Of course, I had the support of artists, and I had to learn many things in process. The puzzle started to turn into a picture, and I continued my curator’s activities. Soon an idea came to me to create an art communication platform Artcom, which is now functioning as a discussion and education site, where culture and art people come together from different areas.

If we consider education as a process of obtaining knowledge, of mastering our mind and intelligence, we do not have to choose the right profile from the very beginning. Indeed, few people know from their childhood what they want to become. However, we should be professionals, anyway. Many people first come to the profession and only then obtain a university degree. For example, people from different areas come to modern art — journalists, musicians, medical doctors — and they do well.

It might seem that PR, coaching, and modern art are different spheres, but in my practice these are interrelated things, based on communication. Modern art for me is the education. This is what makes us think and what forms our outlook. This is the language and the means of communication, a way to maintain dialogue and to achieve mutual understanding. The coaching experience helps me understand people and their desires, while my PR experience helps me in organizational matters, in development and promotion of projects.

I am convinced that life has a meaning, and if I have certain experience, I will surely make use of it someday.
© Aigerim Kapar

Aigerim Kapar

A curator and the founder of the art communication platform Artcom.She is a co-curator of the festival of modern art, architecture, and design Astana Art Fest. Almaty, Kazakhstan.


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