Between canteen and coffee house: Eating habits in Kiev

What they eat in Kiev:
a weekly report

I must say Kyiv is a small place. Here it often happens that you know the restaurant owners, so, when they say “See you”, they really mean to see you next time. And next time will be soon. I have several favorite places I am faithful to. To be true, I am not always faithful, but who will say that in public?

Eggs Benedict with salmon

©Olena Skyrta

["Kharms" Indie-book shop and coffee-house]

This is one of my favorite places. Actually, it is a book shop but I also like eating here. The pumpkin soup, Eggs Benedict with salmon and cheesecake are magnificent. This time, I am having Eggs Benedict. One portion is with salmon, and the other one is with bacon, for my friend. This is so delicious that I want to order another portion immediately but then I recall that I promised to myself not to burst out because of overeating in the morning.

A year ago Kharms moved from a comfy basement on Independence Square into a large space in the House of Scientists in the Golden Gate area, having renovated nearly all. I met the shop founder a week before it was opened. We became friends, so, I learnt about the innovations and of course, I tasted the new menu dishes. Now I can say for sure which dishes are the tastiest.

Cheese cakes and a cappuccino coffee

©Olena Skyrta

["Chashka" coffee house]

Do not be surprised: it is a coffee house again. Yes, I like coffee houses, as a coffee house is a meeting place for me, I have working and personal meetings there. This time, I had a personal meeting. I ordered cheese cakes made of home-made cottage cheese. It is a traditional breakfast dish, tasty but not nutritious enough for me.

The founder Igor Sukhomlin always looks at the café as his favorite asset and asks his favorite guests "What's up?", like an intelligent master of ceremonies. By the way, he used to be one, just like his father.

Actually, in Chashka I like Eggs Benedict most. Today, I have skipped them, although they are really delicious with the dressing they serve here. They are even tastier here than in Kharms. The only place they are tastier at is my home, and only when I do my best. The disadvantage is a too thick bun. Yet, who cares, when I am going to eat my favorite food?

A $3 breakfast

©Olena Skyrta

["Kosatka" bar]

I most often eat burgers here but today I am having breakfast. It is very nutritious tasty $3 breakfast, in which I like everything except corn. What is cool about this place is that everything is equally tasty here. This is like McDonalds, in which you always know what to expect but which has atmosphere.

People like to hang out in Kosatka. In the mornings, they have important meetings. Here there is a long table for a company of friends, a cupboard full of records, tasty coffee and divine cottage cheese cakes. This is a place for each who is ready to become a regular here. It is difficult, believe me. The main thing is to be able to relax.

Falafel, tomato salad and cappuccino

©Olena Skyrta

[Green 13 Snackbar from Vegano Hooligano / "Tramvay" coffee-house]

I am not a vegan at all but after they opened a vegan place on the Bessarabia market, I ate falafels and gazpachos for about a month. Then I got fed up, of course. Now I regularly and with pleasure resume this tradition.

While the weather is nice, my friend and I go to the park. I take falafel and a tomato salad. I take coffee in Tramway and pay 22 hryvnias for it. I am sitting happily in front of the red-brick building of my former university, relish the last warm days of the year and chat with my friend. OK, I will tell you: do not take the tomato salad, take only falafel. Take my word on it.

Mashed potatoes, beef a-la French, mushrooms in cream sauce, and poppy seed blintzes

©Olena Skyrta

[The canteen of the Mohyla Academy ]

When you eat out in cafes and restaurants all week, you suddenly remember at the end of the week that you are a journalist and go to a canteen. Besides, it is pleasant. With each spoonful of mashed potatoes swallowed, I return to my childhood and recall mixed martial arts, which I watched on TV then. Yes, this is a strange combination.

The canteen of the Mohyla Academy is a renowned place among the students. Here everything is tasty and you feel at home in this place. When I bring novices here, they immediately want to share the news about the canteen with their friends. Therefore one has to select the chosen ones carefully. If you share this information with many, there will be no mashed potatoes left.
© Olena Skyrta

Olena Skyrta

Olena attended a polytechnic school in her youth but, as the opportunity arose to publish a newspaper there, she felt a calling for journalism. She entered a university to study journalism and biotechnologies. Her love of letters finally won. Now she writes in her favorite media platfor.ma, prepares public presentations and bakes pies.


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