Far eastern Vladivostok: eating habits in Russia


©Yana Gaponenko
I spent my day quietly working from home, so, my dinner was home-like and quite predictable: it was not really sophisticated and contained no meat. The stewed eggplant, perfect for its taste, was the main ingredient of this simple one-person meal.


©Yana Gaponenko
I have had a long day of master studies of philosophy, and we have even missed the break between two lectures. So, I had no time for the cafeteria and remained hungry till evening, until the ubiquitous street food rescued me. The place with the good wok turned out to be unexpectedly closed too early, so, the good old shawarma from a street kiosk rescued me. And my friends whom I encountered on the way and with whom I shared this shawarma on the sea shore after sunset, saved me from a lonely evening.


©Yana Gaponenko
Home food again, which allows one to make a conclusion that I have my master studies twice a week. On the other weekdays, I work at home. So, my regular meal today consists of Makfa pasta and stewed pork.


©Yana Gaponenko
I decided to visit my friend in Yemar, which is a remote maritime district of Vladivostok. Of course, I shared an ample meal with my friend and her three year-old son Leon, who did not appreciate the asparagus at all. By the way, the asparagus was so tender that I immediately wanted to ask my friend for a recipe.


©Yana Gaponenko
My first after a long pause romantic outing was on the Russky Island in one of the faraway forests, filled with wandering people. We had sausages with ketchup grilled over fire, dry red wine and Armenian pita bread, and that was an ideal meal for a Saturday in any weather but in a company of special people.


©Yana Gaponenko
It has been a difficult day, which started well and which finished badly, except for the dinner, which lasted to become a supper: that was superb. The local Kontrabanda bar is now offering good cuisine and tasty and juicy grilled meat. I shared the food with my friend, who comforted my after a bad date, so different from the previous day. I am thankful to my friend who took a picture of our meal, as I forgot to do it myself.


©Yana Gaponenko
A sandwich, which looked rather like a toast or a piece of my favorite fried bread, given to me by my group mate, was finished together with a rather good Americano coffee with milk from the student cafeteria during a lecture about cancer as a strong evolution factor. I did not notice any conflicts in the theme, as I was really hungry.


©Yana Gaponenko
Many field assignments did not allow me to have a decent lunch and made me lunch with the good old wawa cakes, known only to the Vladivostok residents. We eat them normally on the way, in my case, on a bus, together with delicious cream sauce. Just like lyan-se, they must have come to us from Korea, and I associate their delicious taste with my downtown walks of my childhood.
© Yana Gaponenko

Yana Gaponenko

head of the Vladivostok School of Modern Art, curator of exhibition projects, a cultural events organizer, a member of the Maritime Association of Art Historians, a public relations specialist, a master student of the Far Eastern Federal University in the political science, economics, and philosophy.


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