You are what you eat. But what is it? We asked readers to show us what they are eating from Monday to Friday. Everything a matter of taste. But check it out yourself.

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    Vegan cuisne in Kiev: a impressing diversity

    [Ukraine | Kiev] Kiev. The capitol of the Ukraine offers more than history and culture. There are culinary delicacies for every taste. Julia Saliy went vegan for two month and portrays us her weekly favorites. More ...

    Fascination univeristy-canteen: eating habits in Berlin

    [Germany | Berlin] International cuisine, german good traditional fare and other treats. Anna Andrievskaya reports about a week in a canteen of Berlin university. More ...

    Far eastern Vladivostok: eating habits in Russia

    [Russia | Vladivostok] Kebab at the waterside promenade and a view to the Sea of Japan or sausages and bonfire atmosphere: Jana Gaponenko shows us her menu for a week in Vladivostok. More ...

    Yum yum! Cook in Moscow

    [Russia | Moscow] What do cooks eat at work? Our author takes us to one of Moscow’s best restaurants and gives us a view into her everyday work. A delightful story.More ...

    Between canteen and coffee house: Eating habits in Kiev

    [Ukraine | Kiev] In Kiev the people know each other. Certainly there are always people in your neighborhood you don´t know, but our author Aljona knows the owner of her favorite restaurants and they know her. Which places she recommends and where one can eat the best and the cheapest food, you can read here.More ...

    What they eat in Tashkent: a weekly report

    [Uzbekistan | Tashkent] Oriental hospitality is one of the features of Uzbekistan. Here they like to treat to good food and they show discrimination in food. Despite the variety of the Uzbek cuisine, it is a mistake to think that people have pilaf and lagman all days here. Darina Solod reports her week menu. More ...

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