Dear readers,

For a preface, let me offer you a couple of axioms and one corollary:
First: an infinite number of straight lines may be drawn through a point on a plane; second: one and only one straight line may be drawn through two points on a plane; and third: a straight line divides a plane into two semi-planes.

The simplest axioms of solid geometry allow us to understand that any interaction with space inevitably entails its division: we, without realizing it, cover this space with borderlines of different traffic capacity. The talk is not only and not really about the essence of things. It seems that things are even more exciting and complicated in the world of ideas. Why is that so – this is the question we asked our authors, having asked them to share what the concept of a border means to them. We left the borders of this subject as vague as possible, for, as it seems to us, then the essence of what has been said becomes manifested even more clearly.

The authors of Converter will be determining the borders over the entire range of possible accusatives from the permitted to the tangible. We do not limit ourselves to texts only: it will be possible to observe the visual representation of visible and invisible borders of reality in the format of photo coverage. Besides, we shall speak about art on the edge between artistic fiction and reality: experts from the world of cinema and cinema critics will tell you what films are worth watching. By the way, speaking about artistic fiction, our authors have collected advice and instructions about overcoming the borders of creative blockade and finding inspiration in our everyday life.

am Goethe-Institut Nowosibirsk

Konverter Editorial Board

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