I am inspired by many things. Some of them are of a global nature, and some of them are minor. I have identified five most important things for the moment.

© Konstantin Mordovin

1. Grotesque. I adore exaggerated things made to be absolute. For me, ‘grotesque’ is ‘bulging to a maximum degree’. For example, architecture should bring the maximum from the style it belongs to: if it is the modern or neo-Gothic style, the buildings should be the tallest of all the similar ones elsewhere, like the hyperbolic structure of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona; if it is constructivism or socialistic realism, they must be insane and hypertrophic in this insanity, like the huge concrete wall of the Kyiv crematorium, the queer neo-pagan bas reliefs which were erected for 25 years and then were covered by concrete overnight. © Konstantin Mordovin

2. The second impulse is inferred from the first one. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures is a comic book which has inspired me lately. There are many queer and grotesque things in it. The unusual eccentric design and excellent graphics could not leave me indifferent. © Konstantin Mordovin

3. Video games occupy an essential part of my daily schedule. In them, I am attracted by excellent design, interesting plots, exciting game play, and magnificent music. Perhaps, considering the fact that all the above criteria except game play are available not only in video games, I am inspired by game play most of all. I like both rather popular Bloodborne and World of Warcraft and indi-games — Killer is Dead and The Binding of Isaac. I am especially fond of the work by the Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima. © Konstantin Mordovin

4. The works by different artists and creative persons. This is probably the most common answer. I can always compare my work with the work of other people and learn something from them. In this sense, Bosch and Goya are the most significant artists for me. © Konstantin Mordovin

5. Situations from common life and travels. Something happens in this world every day — some cases which I would never be able to invent because they are so absurd. Different details and just life experience perfect our personalities and our creative work. Among the European cities which I have been able to visit, I prefer Budapest and Verona. In Verona, I was most impressed by the Scaliger arches (Arche scaligere) — the tombs of the rulers of the city, in fact, Gothic tombs rising right next to the church of Santa Maria Antica.
© Konstantin Mordovin

Konstantin Mordovin

Graphic artist, illustrator, concept artist from Kyiv.





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