Inspiration 2.0

I would like to share my observations of what occurs in my conscience before a particular idea that I think is cool comes to me, not necessarily something I carry out later.

In-depth tech knowledge

learn something totally new. In my case, I took an electrical engineering course and then another course in aerial robotics. Whenever there was something that I couldn’t understand, I was trying to find an industry expert and get an explanation. Considering the fact that I don’t have any tech degree but I love mathematics and physics, that experience was an awesome brain-boggling activity that stimulated my imagination.

As a result, I came up with an idea of energy-efficient navigation and autonomous precise landing of a quad copter onto a charging station. If this idea is implemented, people will be able to send drones from one city to another.

Exciting conversations

conversations with interesting people on topics that are of great interest to me. I spoke at a seminar recently, part of it was a discussion about AI, its possible impact on local governance and the black swan effect.*

*The ‘black swan effect is a theory dealing with rare events which are difficult to forecast and have significant effects. Nassim Nicholas Taleb is the author of this theory, who introduced the term ‘black swan events’ in his book “The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable”.

In comparison with acquiring new knowledge, like that I described above, having an exciting conversion is more of a stimulation of the brain to play with a particular concept and apply it to different fields. Today, when I got back home and decided to have a nap, an idea stroke me of how we can use an infrared imager, deep learning technologies and a live dog to add the senses of smell and hearing to digital surveillance systems.

Discovering new places

I would like to use an extract from William Ernest Henley’s poem to describe the feeling I have when I travel to discover new places and new business opportunities:

«I am the master of my fate.
I am the captain of my soul».

This feeling is probably one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me.

Keeping inspired

Exercise, meditation, reading – earlier I was not able to make these habits regular, as I convinced myself that I should wake up at a certain time early in the morning to do those things. So, if I could not wake up early, I did not do anything. I realized only a couple of months ago that these habits do not have to depend on time and they should be the ultimate priority for starting a day. If I wake up late, I am more likely to postpone a meeting than leave without doing these three things. Surprisingly, I have been naturally getting up earlier in the morning since I started practicing this new approach. This practice, along with a special diet, keeps up my performance, drive and energy at a high level throughout the day for me to pursue my inspirations.

Of course all these sources of inspiration are not something that is totally static and immovable. I find it very important to keep on experimenting, exploring the resources of my body and especially of my brain.
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David Khoroshvili

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