Give me two

Give me two

Each weekend, our comfortable bus goes to tour the main sights of the city. We will follow the route "Mall-another mall-another mall cinema and concert center-mall" and will finish in the Main Mall. Attention, a promotion: bring a friend and get a free baggage ticket.

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    To create and to give away

    [Ukraine | Kyiv] This is a totally individual author’s attitude to the subject of consumption, which deals with the following: a) whether we are free in our choice to be free, b) how to raise a one-hundred percent consumer, and c) how, when consuming, can one keep harmony with the world and not spoil his/her karma (a spoiler: self-realization will help).More ...

    Down the drain

    [Uzbekistan | Tashkent] Everything is so good in big cities, at least concerning the supply of water, the symbol of life and a limited natural resource. However, in Uzbekistan the scanty natural sources of drinking water are demonstrating a steady trend for depletion. We have analyzed the situation with the use of drinking water in the Uzbek cities, in order to answer the question, whether the existing consumer habits in the country indicate extravagance or the bare necessity of life. More ...


    [Uzbekistan | Tashkent] How to discover a sum equal to your monthly income in your pocket after a party? A text by Radmila Rasuleva and Humoyun Tursunov.More ...


    [Uzbekistan | Tashkent] The feeling that you have when you first fast in Uzbekistan. A text by Sevinch Umarova and Ezoza Nadzhimova.More ...

    Top of the heap

    [Kazakhstan > Great Britain] It seems sometimes that the world capitals emerged as somebody’s clever project to attract young ambitious people there, who come there with one purpose only - to conquer. Why? Rustina Temir from Almaty reasonably mentions money as often being the main reason. Yet, it is not only money. Converter is publishing Rustina’s text about what the way to the top is like, feeling a bit envious. Who wouldn’t? More ...

    Approaching the Sepulture

    [Ukraine | Kyiv] "When human beings use each other, the coins they use are often called religion, hope and love. Perhaps, love is the most expensive currency, as the marital market is the market where expensive commodities are traded". More ...

    Green consumption

    [Berlin | Germany] Eating organic food, sorting out garbage, paying a tax for beverages in glass and plastic containers and giving up using plastic bags on a national scale — these are just a few signs of Germany having become a European locomotive on the road to environmental protection. Germans are even learning how to counter thoughtless consumption, supported by the government.More ...

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