Street Style

Street style in Tomsk

Photo report by Ekaterina Vitman

  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student and a dancer
    — There are many different outfits in my wardrobe. I love more trousers, jackets, and blouses. I am wearing an overcoat which I wanted to buy but could not afford it. I often went to that department, looked at it and imagined what I would look like with this coat on. And then the shop offered a 50% discount on it, and I finally bought it. This is what I call the power of thought! I bought these trousers in Moscow: I had long wanted such trousers and found them in ZARA.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — I prefer the classical style, but when I go to the university, I usually wear sportive clothes. I buy clothes spontaneously: I do not plan shopping. I bought the cap I am wearing now in the Central Department Store. I usually buy shoes in Carlo Pazolini or Chester.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a graphic designer
    — In my clothes, I prefer minimalism: You will never see any bright colors or print shirts in my collection. I prefer minimum accessories. I like the rough style and men’s clothes very much. In my opinion, the combination of such things with “girly” clothes looks more feminine than short clinging dresses. My favorite item is a man’s shirt, and I have lots of such shirts, to go with Chelsea boots. I think, combination of things from absolutely different categories is the most interesting detail of my image. The skirt I am wearing is hand-made: I bought in the local show-room at a high price. I found this simple black jumper in a second-hand shop and paid 200 rubles for it, while this coat came from America, and it is definitely worth the twenty dollars I spent on it: this is the fourth year I wear it.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a computer programmer
    — I usually wear comfy clothes. I am very careful about choosing clothes: I buy only quality things and those I really like, I rarely renew my wardrobe. I love the Levi's brand. By the way, I am wearing the chinos of this brand now.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a computer programmer
    I like this leather jacket from Superdry, and I bought it with a very good discount. I buy my own clothes where I find the best deal: these can be shops during sales and shops in other towns, where good clothes may lie too long on the shop shelves.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — I do not have one style in clothes: today I am a lady, and tomorrow I am a rap singer. The only thing that is always with me is my sneakers. I wear sneakers with my dresses, trousers, and jeans. I am wearing a vest which was originally a Zara coat. I just removed the sleeves when I got tired of the coat. I made this lips brooch myself. And this shirt comes from a men’s department of H&M, because the sleeves of women’s shirts are usually too short for me. I usually buy clothes in malls, and sometimes I order things from Asos and Lamoda. Actually, lately I prefer making clothes, not buying them.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a mother and a traveler
    — My favorite clothing styles and hipster or romantic country: knitted sweaters, flower dresses, and comfortable shoes. Actually, I am from Moscow: I came to Tomsk for two August weeks but stayed here for two months and a half. I took very few autumn clothes with me, and now I am trying to be inventive. As for this gray jumper, I bought in in Bulgaria to create a concrete autumn image. Yet, autumn reached me in Tomsk, and all the other things I needed for this image remained at home. I buy clothes in different shops but my favorite shops are American Eagle Outfitters, Miss Sixty, and Koton.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — Together with my friend, we started a business and named it «Warm Cats”, as we knit clothes – cardigans, sweaters, and hats. I do not have a specific style: I just love comfy clothes which are easy to mix. This scarf is my favorite, and I call it a plaid scarf. And I bought it last summer in St. Pete for 150 rubles. After long walks around the city, I would spread it on the grass and rest. I most often buy clothes in Internet shops, for example, Wildberries, because I do not like going shopping.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — Just like many other girls, I like combining things to look trendy. I like this vest very much, as it matches nearly everything I have. I bought it spontaneously: on a winter evening I was walking home and saw a sale in O'stin. I looked there and like the vest. I bought it immediately.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — I like wearing those clothes which emphasize my femininity and express my mood. I bought this cardigan in a warm country, which I needed some warm things. And this dress is a gift from my elder sister. I love her sense of taste and I always value clothes I receive from her. Lately I have been buying clothes by Internet. Besides, I like to buy something when I am traveling.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student and an athlete
    — I prefer the casual style with a hint of minimalism and austerity. I pay much attention to footwear and accessories, which are minimal. For example, this watch was bought in Germany, and some time later, it was somewhat modified to match my favorite colors. As for these loafers, I fell in love with them at first sight. When I was buying them, it was the first time in my life when I did not try on anything else. The place of buying clothes does not matter much to me. If I like an item, it doesn’t matter which words will be written on its label and how far I should go to buy it. Generally speaking, I do not like shopping. I buy rather spontaneously, and shopping brings me less joy than to many other people.
  • © Ekaterina Vitman
    a student
    — I prefer combining the austere business style with street grange details. I am wearing my favorite trench coat, which I have been looking for for two months. Finally, I found it in Medicine, and I think it is an ideal match for any style




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