How do you live?

How do you live?

Converter enables you to tell the world a couple of special stories about your life in your family, about the stress of living in a hostel, about the people you come across in the streets and about the special places and unforgettable nooks of your city or town.

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    Handy film contest 2017

    “How are you living?” – that was the question the Goethe-Institut asked the participants of the handy film contest, which was conducted in the framework of the 14th German Week conducted in St. Petersburg. More ...

    The code of conduct in a dorm

    [Novosibirsk | Russia] The second part of Rita Loginova's story. About love, cramming, and drinking in a student dorm in the middle of a forest.More ...

    Georgia in miniature

    [Georgia | Tbilisi] Why do the Georgians call the Tbilisian courtyards “Italian” and what is the secret of the city where they do not know half-measures. A story about life in a city located in between of the past and the future.More ...


    Dear readers, It does not matter whether we go out wearing a down coat and high boots to struggle our way to the Metro station through the drifts of snow or mount a bicycle wearing sneakers...More ...

    ”Friends” in a Kiev apartment

    Many say that they couldn’t live with anyone else and give up a part of their freedom. But what would you say, if... More ...

    Russule Mushrooms

    This is a story about those moments when we realize how much we care for our home and about what it means to each of us: a nostalgic essay with a Japanese accent.More ...

    The Housing Problem

    Janitors in dormitories, German communal apartments and surnames instead of apartment numbers. Various aspects of the habitation in Germany and in Russia.More ...

    Just Another Morning in Tashkent

    What sounds wake us up every morning? What kind of thoughts come to us with the new day? What do we see from our window, relishing our first cup of coffee?More ...

    When everything is a little communal

    Shared life in Novosibirsk: punks in the children’s room and slugs in the communal showers.More ...

    The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed

    Tashkent can seem like a place where nothing ever happens. But this feeling is just an illusion...More ...




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