Alexander Sychev

1. Michael Bublé — Feeling Good

Once I heard this song, I fell in love with it. First of all, this is jazz. No comment. Secondly, this is the mad energy of the song and the meaning of the lyrics the front man brings to you. Thirdly, I prepared to sing this number at a song contest, and I took voice lessons for about a year for it. To make it short, it is my song. Period.

2. Parov Stelar — Josephine (feat. Anduze)

I simply adore this band. For me, Parov Stelar became a discovery of 2012, and since this time, I have been an avid listener of each new album of this band. I have become their faithful and frantic follower. It seems to me that, even when I achieve everything I have wanted in this world, I will not be happy until I attend their live concert.

3. Adele — Skyfall

This track seems to me inseparable from the stylish James Bond film with Daniel Craig. The gorgeous arrangement, the beautiful melody performed by the precise and harmonious voice of Adele and the entire background of the film which I have seen six times make the Skyfall song one of my personal favorites.

4. Fergie — A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

Some dancing to add to it all. To continue the talk about my favorite music that became sound tracks for movies, this song became a symbol of a whole period of my private night life. The energy of movement which you body wants to make without brain control is beyond limits, while the drive, spirit, and vision of some scenes from Great Gatsby raise the temperature of any event where this song will be played. As for me, I cannot stand when I hear this magnificent song. A little party never killed nobody, did it?

5. Amy Winehouse — Back to Black

After all those energy-boosting dancing tunes, the sexy and languid Back to Black by Amy Winehouse is the best remedy from fatigue and the ubiquitous city noise. I like listening to this song when I drive home in my car late at night. Or when I drive to some other place, late at night. It is the night that matters.

© Alexander Sychev

Alexander Sychev

I run the educational project “Word Wizard” and I’m also a businessman. I work on developing different projects in the field of education. I like classical music, alpine ski and black tea.


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