Vova Potapenko

1. Mystic Merlin — Just Can't Give You Up

This terrific track combines simple musical harmony (only two harmonies), which is imbued with melodies and improvisations deeply rooted in the time of jazz; and the voice part, which has become a measure of understanding the freedom of the singer for me. It is impossible to make such music without love, and it seems like this love has also hit me.

2. Edvard Grieg. Return of Peer Gynt

My childhood passed under the influence of classical music — Vivaldi, Beethoven, Ravel. For some strange reason, we did not have any records of Grieg, who later became my favorite composer of all times (and still is). The entire opera of Peer Gynt should be here in this list. Yet, if I have to name some special part, it is the third part from the second suite — Return of Peer Gynt. I believe that music becomes a work of a genius when it cannot be described by words, and the music of Grieg is magically mighty in this respect. Before listening, turn of the light and the monitor of your computer — otherwise you will not feel the magic.

3. UB40 — Don't Break My Heart

I would not say that I am a fan of UB40, especially speaking about reggae music as a whole. Of course, there have been musicians and bands in the history of this music which are more significant than others. However, UB40 is special — they have made a track which consists of a constantly pulsating bass part, to which you can play music in such a way as if you paint with different brushes. No doubt it is the first such track in my life which, thanks to its own tone quality, is both harmonious and hypnotic. Try to play or sing something of your own to this Music — and you will be as happy as I once became.

4. Vibrasphere — Tierra Azul (Omnimotion feat. Krister Linder Remix)

While the previous compositions are unique for me as they have changed my life somehow, this composition is special. I have never seen anyone who does not like it, however strange it may sound. It partly means that music is harmony and sound quality, and the style is secondary. Appreciate the simplicity and subtlety of this very young track.

5. André Popp — Manchester et Liverpool (Franck Pourcel Orchestra)

This is another comeback to the time of my childhood, this time a concrete story. Before I turned three, I had lived in an apartment with a traditional ubiquitous radio in the kitchen. In the evenings, the radio broadcast the weather forecast, accompanied by the famous tune of the French composer André Popp. Everyone heard this melody, but I have special feelings about it. By the way, it is important to listen to it in the version of the Franck Pourcel orchestra— then it has special sound quality.

© Vova Potapenko

Vova Potapenko

is a music teacher and a musician from Minsk (Belarus). He has created several different projects related to various styles and concepts of music: electronic music, house, and neo soul with the elements of hip-hop. In the nearest future, he is planning to release vinyl disks under the pseudonym of Lipski, and in 2017, the musician will release an electronic music and synthwave album under the pseudonym of Miph.
"I recommend that you listen to these compositions in the darkness and with your computer screen turned off. Otherwise you will not hear what I hear in them."


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