Dinara Bachritdinova aka Frau Koch

1. Eliane Radigue — PSI 847

I hear the gentle sound, inviting to contemplation, and curled into a spiral, like a sea shell. Eliane Radique, the French electronic music composer, experimented on a synthesizer begniing with the late 1960s. The sound performance PSI 847 composed in 1973, which lasts 73 minutes, became available to music lovers only in 40 years’ time! The sound philosophy is balanced by its mechanics. Listening to the works by this composer, I imagine a spacious white cube of a picture gallery. I begin to understand better how to interact with physical space and to develop my inner self.

2. Agata Kristi — Seaman

Here are my sensations after listening to Seaman: a nightmarish romantic tale, in which a dwarf bursts out laughing onboard the Flying Dutchman at midnight — absurd. One can hear irony in the lyrics. I am an active character, but I sometimes have had this feeling of being abandoned, lonely and intrinsically cold in the history of my social connections. Seaman suggests that many of our experiences are shallow and even ridiculous. The script writer is beautiful Renata Litvinova, a well-known Russian film director.

3. Prodigy — No good (Start the Dance)

The Jilted Generation from the USA was heard by the generation Y in the fallen apart USSR: keep dancing, no matter what. The club culture is an industry which gets outdated extremely fast. To dance to the music of Prodigy after 1998 was believed to be officially out of fashion. I continue ignoring this verdict. I did not experience the rave boom, as the rave culture did not reach my street, but I understand only too well what was happening at that time. I fully accept the aesthetics of this video. And I miss the time and the places which I missed. The tempo of No good complies with the speed of my everyday existence.

4. ΔLΞT & Gulsum Sefershakh — Black Mantra

The spring of 2014, Tashkent: Black Mantra turns my supine position into a vertical stance. ΔLΞT, plucking the strings of a tar, sends her incantation through three kaossilators. Gul‘sum Sefershah recites in Farsi and Arabian something of her own which cannot be translated. I imagined the performer dancing on the Samarkand Afrasiab market wearing black in front of a fire before I heard the song. The mantra is in fact white, only it is performed and listened to with your eyes closed.

5. Lebanon Hanover — Kunst

This band joined my playlist from the first moments I heard their music. To continue the tradition of the cold wave, Lebanon Hannover is one of the best bands. The irony of Kunst (“Art”) is the meaning of my summer of 2016. I spent part of it running around the Moscow museums, and the most part in Tаshkent. I belong to a group of performance artists, and we are preparing to show our works at the Tashkent Biennale of Modern Art. We try to create interesting projects and keep discussing what real art is — these discussions have no limit!

© Dinara Bakhritdinova

Dinara Bakhritdinova

Author of lyrics, experimental video and photo, an actionist. Her creative activity includes performances, photography, literature, and experimental video. She has experience of working with informal movements, the artists of Tashkent, and the contrast between this experience and her everyday job activities has influenced her creativity without transforming its character. Her interests include psychology, philosophy, esoteric studies, linguistics, and PR


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