Each of us has his or her favourite song. Why do we like this very song? In the Playlist, people write about their favourite five tracks and their lyrics which mean much for them and tell the others what makes this song so special. Our personal Converter-mix-tape.

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    Love Cult

    From a "Norwegian princess" thru severe Siberian rock to the stars of modern Australian music: a Karelian electronic duo Love Cult speaks about their favouritesMore ...

    Miriam Dragina

    A romantic and nostalgic playlist from the producer of the Old Fashioned Radio, where Wim Wenders can be found side by side with Mozart. And there is even place for a ballet. More ...

    Dinara Bachritdinova aka Frau Koch

    About the Jilted Generation, “Agatha Christie” and the dancing in Samarkand: the artist Frau Koch reveals the secrets of her favorite songs. More ...

    Vova Potapenko

    Five tracks from reggae to classical music from the ubiquitous Soviet kitchen radio: enjoy the collection offered by the musician and producer from Minsk Vova Potapenko.More ...

    Alexander Sychev

    A little party, which, as we know, has never killed nobody, by a young developer of an educational project from Novosibirsk.More ...

    Dmitry Kostyshkin

    Good old rock music presented at the background of the miraculous landscapes by Robert Plant and the Indian motives of The Doors. The list is composed by the musician and artist from Samarkand Dmitry Kostyshkin.More ...

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