When the Earth Seems to Be Light

David Meskhi

  • © David Meskhi
    I started working on the series in 2007 and finished by shooting a documentary film with Salome Machaidze and Tamuna Karumidze. The film won two awards ( Best First Appearance prize at the 2015 International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and at the Tbilisi International Film Festival as the best documentary). This picture was used as a poster for the movie. I took it during my first trip to the Black Sea coast with the second generation of the Georgian skaters in 2010. Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    Gaga is one of the first skaters I met and one of the first skaters in Tbilisi. It was in 2007, and this is from my very first film. When I saw this picture, I just felt it was the right thing to do a series and gave it a working title “Sketches for Skaters”. Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    This is Mishka Sulakauri: he’s the one who started the second wave of skaters and really helped me at the age of 13 to organize a trip to the Georgian seaside town of Batumi in 2010. It was summer, and we would go out early in the morning to skate along the empty town boulevard. The pictures from this session became a reference for our movie. Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    Mirian Sulakauri, the younger brother of Sandro and the cousin of Mishka Sulakauri, 2011.
    — Why did you drop out of school?
    — I was expelled. No, not really, just kidding. I do not know why, I guess it was because I didn't study. I didn't want to study any longer. What was the point? I could get two diplomas and would end up being a cab driver.
    — What do you dislike in Georgia the most?
    — When people bug me about my hair. They stare at me with this stupid expression on their faces. Photo: David Meskhi.

  • © David Meskhi
    Sandro is the one who is most obsessed with the idea of skateboarding. He is ready to do it again and again, despite physical pain. His perfectionism raised him to a professional level. He is number one In Georgia, unofficially. Officially he ran for the Balenciaga Spring 2017 Menswear Show in Paris with Nikoloz Chavchavadze and is the second main protagonist of our documentary. Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    Patarkaca, just like Sandro, keeps surfing on a board, and he’s a natural talent. Sandro says there are moments when we say things that only two of us can understand. He’s special for me, too. He popped up in 2009 first, and since this year, he’s been part of every photo project I have made with the skateboarders. Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    "Every place could be the place I like. When I sit here and look there, I feel good. Coffee, cigarettes, good weather, and good music are more than enough for me. I don't really need more. Everything excessive makes me uncomfortable. I would feel the same way in California or wherever you put me”, says Maxim, the prodigy of the new generation.
    Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    — Did skateboarding change you in any way?
    — Now that I think about it, that’s when I felt like I was being part of something.
    Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    "Sometimes it's so tiring when someone invades your reality. If I could protect my reality from intruders, I would have no problems at all.
    I want to make something eternal, even if my name is not mentioned. Something like a huge metal cube somewhere in the field that will stay there forever and no one can do anything to it.
    Being part of the country which is constantly changing, I feel it is really hard for young people to figure it out the ways to live."
    Photo: David Meskhi.
  • © David Meskhi
    — Do you think human beings desire to overcome the laws of physics?
    — It could be that or the desire to be above. It's a wild feeling when you detach from the ground and you're in the air.
    Photo: David Meskhi.




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