Trying to track the progress of time using calendars and clock faces – a purely pragmatic idea. Meanwhile, changes occur relentlessly both around us and in ourselves, which is perhaps more important than the movement of the clock hand. The authors of Converter study ways on how to keep up with the changes taking place and whether it is at all necessary. We have gathered the author’s observations in this section for you to read.

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    Time is...

    [Usbekistan | Taschkent] The concept of time is equally cognized both by physicists and philosophers and artists. The photo essay of Olga Fedina is an exciting tour of Uzbekistan and the semantic mazes of associations, speculations, and observations, in order to find out what time is. More ...

    Where the time is born

    [Armenia | Yerevan] There may be nooks on the Earth that emanate time, as if manufacturing it. During her trips to Armenia, Anna Davtyan managed to capture such places on the photo.More ...

    We are beautiful

    [Ukraine | Kyiv] "It is Friday. We get together, as always, and each of us knows: we will feel great tonight but terrible tomorrow. Why? Where is that boundary between when we have had fun enough and when we do not remember anything the day after?" — this is the starting point of Alina Shubska's research reportage about how do we change due to the influence of friday's night.More ...

    Beyond Time

    [Ukraine] There are emotions that cannot be descibed with words and sometimes pictures can impart a certain mood way better than an explanation. Pavlo Mazai created a photo series to the topic of Metamorphosis and leaves enough silence for interpretations between his associations.More ...

    Kyn Reality

    [Russia | Perm Krai] Kyn - a village somewhere in the Ural Mountains. The Golden Age is long gone and there are not even a thousand inhabitants left. The highest expectation a visitor may still have are the ruins of better days. But in fact, there is still a lot of life, love and festivity in the village. A photo evidence.More ...




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    Online information and our relations with it


    Thoughts about one of the most paradox resources we have


    Observations about the stream of time

    To have and to be

    About consumption, people and money


    About the universal measure of happiness


    The subtle balance of borderline states


    Photo reports about the borders, both tangible and mental


    About the inspiration and the sleep of reason


    About films: what to see and how to see

    Women in profession

    Five female curator from Russia tell about their profession


    Inspired by the festive atmosphere of the gathering, Converter has prepared a special rubric for you, dedicated to the cinema, the festival, and Berlin


    The photoproject "Dreams from St. Petersburg" tries to give an idea of what are the hopes and fears of of young people in this unique city