Big City Lights

Roman Prudnikov, Novosibirsk

  • Roman Prudnikov,
    Every day, the workers of the advertising agency remove the advertising. They cut the old posters into pieces and fill the empty lightboxes with them.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    In the downtown, I encounter lightboxes every 50–100 meters. This is not a rule but it seems to me that, if I start to count them all, their number will prove to be intimidating.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    They often occupy the lion’s share of the pavement, including the part in front of ramps. I am sure mothers with prams do not like it.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    There is some practical use in them, too. I have often seen streets where there was a problem with street lighting but lightboxes lighted at least the bus stop.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Lightboxes are so numerous that the advertising area in them is not always rented out. The workers fill in the empty spaces with random pieces of old posters. Are they random?
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Three lightboxes have not been rented out, and now they present a mini-exhibition of modern art to the passers-by.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Sometimes, I stand still in front of one of such lightboxes and think whether they choose those combinations of colors on purpose.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    The posters themselves can also be beautiful.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Some impress me with their rational geometry. I don’t think anybody was rational about it.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    There is some symmetry even in such fragments.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Symmetry and beauty are not always there, though.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    I often see pictures of food. In my collection of photos, there is a dozen of lightboxes showing sliced sausage, tomatoes, peaches, etc.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    It is not easy to find just a simple white lightbox.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    When the City Day is coming, the empty boxes are filled with the notices of the coming celebration. But this does not last long.
  • © Roman Prudnikov
    Passing by such lightboxes every day, I want to believe that there are people who wish to gentrificate even an empty advertising structure. That means, advertising is not so bad, after all.

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