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    Shakespeare and a Street Gang

    [Belarus | Minsk] In the Soviet films, the faces of the people of this profession were known to many but no one could recollect the origin of this knowledge. Extras are a caste of its own in the cinema industry: they are those who appear on the screen for a minute but sometimes this minute is enough to remember the actor.More ...

    Information time

    [Armenia | Yerevan] In the 21st century the term "consumption" is usually perceived as something negative: Cumsumerism, shopping addiction etc. But what about the consumption of information? Education, reading books, the contemplation of art? Anna Davtjan from Armenia made a photo project about this aspect of consumption.More ...

    Big City Lights

    [Russia | Novosibirsk] ...lightboxes. These glowing structures are bringing back the lost beauty to us, offering from time to time not discounted goods but some new sort of contemporary art.More ...

    flowers. parakeets. khachapuri.

    [Georgia | Tbilisi] No, it is not everywhere that shopping takes place in a maze of shelves filled with standard goods accompanied by the monotonous squeak of the cash machines. There are places on the Earth where the spirit of the good old market is still alive, which offer super wonders without being supermarkets. Among other things, the word ‘wonder’ refers to stories and encounters the local market is so rich of. More ...

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