Winners of the BALTIC RESEARCHERS competition

The winners are announced! More than 200 contributions contributions have been submitted from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia, within the framework of the competition. The judges were really impressed by the diversity of the contributions: from mysterious Baltic astronomers and recycled articles of clothing to beautiful Eco-jewelry and cool Flashmobs on the beach. 45 specialized texts with correct answers on the subject „Facts and Figures“ have also convinced the judges.

We congratulate all the Baltic explorers, who will be traveling with their grants to a Baltic Youth Camp in Germany in September 2014:

Viktoriia Meibom, Pavel Firsov, Ivan Nevzorov, Anastasiia Osipova, Anastasiia Kurovskaia, Maria Gaus, Henri Anton Pekkanen, Mei Rinta-Jouppi, Ida Korhonen, Wivi Puustell, Heikki Suominen, Leida Pikas, Kristi Mändoja, Martin Lein, Raul Palk, Kristiina Käsn, Mikołaj Gotkowski, Katarzyna Borkowska, Anna Pawłowska, Klaudia Denis, Emil Pieniazek, Anna Rozanska, Anete Matjuskova, Madara Osite, Krista Paula Petere, Ludmila Smertjeva, Kitija Zemele, Ausrine Skeryte, Milda Kriščiūnaitė, Barbora Dranseikaitė, Milda Jurkutė.

    Best recycled products

    Here we want to present the best recycled products created by the contestants.

      Recycled products-building instructions

      The building instructions to follow in the classroom and at home.
      Bauanleitung für einen Blumentopf (PDF, 241 KB)
      Bauanleitung für eine Blumenvase (PDF, 244 KB)
      Bauanleitung “Bilder der Ostsee“ (PDF, 242 KB)
      Bauanleitung für einen Fächer (PDF, 250 KB)
      Bauanleitung für ein Futterhäuschen (PDF, 233 KB)
      Bauanleitung für einen Ökogarten (PDF, 270 KB)
      Bauanleitung für eine Plastikflaschenlampe (PDF, 243 KB)
      Bauanleitung für eine Reifenschaukel (PDF, 225 KB)
      Bauanleitung für einen Schmuckkasten (PDF, 220 KB)
      Bauanleitung für eine Seerose (PDF, 263 KB)

        The best environmental actions

        The participants of the „Baltic Researchers“ competition have dealt with the environmental issues of the Baltic Sea and proposed specific and effective environmental actions that we are pleased to present here. Do you want to save the Baltic Sea? Then go ahead!
        Download (PDF, 239 KB)

          Baltic Sea professions

          What does ... have in common with the Baltic Sea? The participants of the „Baltic Researchers“ competition have discovered professions that have something to do with the Baltic Sea. We will present their various ideas here.
          Download (PDF, 225 KB)

            Facts and figures on the Baltic Sea

            The participants of the „Baltic Researchers“ competition have considered the numbers and the facts, and found a lot of interesting information about the Baltic Sea. We are publishing here the solutions to the „Facts and Figures“ quiz.
            Download (PDF, 205 KB)