Few people are aware that the A4 sheet that makes life easier for millions of people every day is a German invention.

Today, it is hard to imagine a society without standardised formats for paper and envelopes. A society where the choice of paper format was made entirely according to taste and preference and without the slightest consideration for compatibility or efficiency. A society where a plethora of file formats, folder sizes and printer and copier adjustments had to work alongside.

The A format was invented in 1922 by Dr Walter Porstmann, was registered as standard no. 476 "Papierformate" and quickly spread all over the world. The rest is history.

DIN-A formats measures in millimeters

DIN A0 841 × 1189
DIN A1 594 × 841
DIN A2 420 × 594
DIN A3 297 × 420
DIN A4 210 × 297
DIN A5 148 × 210
DIN A6 105 × 148
DIN A7 74 × 105

52 × 74