Språkdagen 26 september

Foto: Olof Pettersson

Do you know the European day of languages?
In 2001 the Council of Europe has declared 26 September an annual European Day of Languages. There aim was to alert the public to the fact that that language learning is important, interesting and funny.

Musicians Wanted!
Thanks for all the great contributions to the contest!
The winner is Das new Chanson desde Utanmyra sent in by students from the Bilingual Montessori School of Lund.
The vinning song and some of the other contributions can be found here.

Fancy a new language?
In Stockholm we celebrated the European Day of Languages this year with a language cafe at the House of Europe. There were offered mini-courses in Spanish, Estonian, Czech, French, Lithuanian, German, Sign Language, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, Italian, Esperanto, Slovak, Finnish and Romany.
The language café is fully booked for this year. Those of you who have been booked in a slot will be informed by e-mail, if you could not be booked in a slot this year you are more than welcome to next year's EDL.

Listen to european languages in the 'mini-language guide'
Now there is an audio-version available. Just click 'language guide' in the left-hand menu.

Celebrate the European Day of Languages
We want to encourage everyone working in schools to celebrate the European Day of Languages with several activities. All languages can be featured. You find some advises on this website in the left-hand menu.

You can find more information about the European Day of Languages on this links:

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