Rodney Livingstone

Copyright: Rodney Livingstone
Copyright: Rodney Livingstone
Rodney Livingstone was born in London in 1934. After studying German at Cambridge and Münster Universities he worked as a professor at several universities in Australia and the UK. He is currently working as Emeritus Professor of German at the University of Southampton. As an academic he has lectured on modern German literature and history. He has published essays on these as well as on Jewish-related topics. As a scholar he has devoted his career largely to translating works of German philosophy, both traditional and contemporary. In 2009 he was awarded the Ungar German Translation Prize of the American Translators' Association for his translation of Detlev Claussen's Theodor W. Adorno. One Last Genius.

Selection of translated titles:
  • Detlev Claussen: Theodor W. Adorno. One Last Genius (Theodor W. Adorno. Ein letztes Genie). Belknap Press, 2008
  • Theodor W. Adorno: Dream Notes (Traumprotokolle). Polity, 2007
  • Jan Assmann: Religion and Cultural Memory (Religion und kulturelles Gedächtnis). Stanford University Press, 2006
  • Stefan Müller-Doohm: Adorno: A Biography (Adorno). Polity, 2005
  • Max Weber: The Vocation Lectures (Wissenschaft als Beruf). Hackett, 2004

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