Pohl, Rebecca

Copyright: Rebecca Pohl
Copyright: Rebecca Pohl
Dr Rebecca Pohl grew up in a bilingual home in Berlin. She attended the University of Potsdam, where she studied English and History for a teaching degree, before moving to the University of Manchester for her PhD in English Literature. She is an expert in post-war British literature, publishing regularly, and she has been teaching in a higher education context since 2007. Rebecca began professionally translating in 2010, with a specialisation in academic texts.

List of translations:

Wellbery, David, ‘Stimmung’, New Formations, trans. Rebecca Pohl (forthcoming)
Wenger, Susanne, unpublished poetry, trans. Rebecca Pohl, in: Dunja Herzog, ‘The Word for World is Forest’, The Hague (2016) [exhibition]
Boer, Dick, Deliverance from Slavery: Attempting a Biblical Theology in the Service of Liberation, trans. Rebecca Pohl (Leiden: Brill, 2015)
Bucher, Rainer, Hitler’s Theology, trans. Rebecca Pohl (London: Continuum, 2011)

Why did you choose to become a translator? Is it the profession you always wanted?

I grew up bilingually (English/German) and attended a bilingual school before studying English at university in Germany – so, informally, translation was always part of my life. I began professionally translating whilst working on my English Literature PhD in the UK as a way of supporting my studies. I have continued to work as an occasional freelance translator ever since. I love translation for the immersement in language, and for the intimate relation it allows me to build with a text and a thought process.

Which German book do you like the best and why?
I take great pleasure in Max Frisch’s writing, especially the recently published Aus dem Berliner Journal.

Is there a particular book you would like to translate?

I would love to translate the Berliner Journal.

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