Boris Becker

1961 born in Cologne
  lives in Cologne

1982-1984 University of the Arts, Berlin
1984-1990 Düsseldorf Art Academy

"The artistic origins of this 1961 born author from Cologne are reflected in his pertinent 'hyper realistic' perspective. This has also been the driving force behind his work 'Fields' (Felder) on which he has been working since 1994. Some of Beckers work is of massive size and the observer is confronted with a landscape, which on the one hand is completely devoid of any people or architecture, and on the other hand depicts nature as something cultivated and processed. The composition of his pictures is unique to him. His landscapes start below the horizon and the content spreads itself out all over the surface. Herein lies the fundamental difference in his work, when compared with traditional landscape compositions. The tremendous depth in his work exposes a richness of detail, which otherwise escapes the naked eye. The artist succeeds in exposing the ambivalence of what our naked eye sees through traditional photographic means."

from: Becker, Boris: Territorien, Fotografie, Boris Becker. - Köln: Wienand, 1998

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