Frank Breuer

1963 born in Rheinbach
  lives in Cologne

1988-1992 University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, School of Arts and Design
1992 Art Academy Düsseldorf, Bernd Becher
1996 Master Student with Bernd Becher

Formally, Breuer's work relates to these European and American antecedents. He has produced Warehouses and Logos, an ongoing series of colour work, whilst travelling in his car across Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and France. His classically composed photographs reflect the impersonal uniformity of the subject matter, and reveal how commercial globalisation has altered the European landscape. Pre-fabricated warehouses, with company names on their exterior, appear in transitory spaces on the outskirts of towns close to airports and other transport hubs. The logos are huge sculptural signs designed to be seen from afar along motorways: Marlboro, McDonald's, Mercedes, Mitsubishi; ubiquitous structures that are symbols of corporate internationalisation. In his work, Breuer dramatically reduces the forbidding scale to more intimate proportions.

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