Thomas Demand

1964 born in Munich
  lives in New York, Berlin and Düsseldorf

1987-1989 Academy of Fine Arts, Munich
1989-1992 Düsseldorf Art Academy
1992 Cite des Arts, Paris
1993-1994 Goldsmiths College, London, M.A. Fine Arts

"In his crystal-clear yet curiously enigmatic images, viewers are confronted with the lies of politics and the depths of normality as well as with modes of surveillance and extortion. What makes Demand’s photographs so captivating is the suggestive and uncanny presence of their fictional pictorial settings. Real spaces or scenes that have already been disseminated as images in the print media or via television are painstakingly reconstructed by the artist as life-size models in his studio, which he then records as large-format photographs."

Dr. Petra Roettig on the exhibition "Camera"

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