Julian Faulhaber

born 1975

On Julian Faulhaber’s photography: “Faulhaber's large-scale pigment prints revisit the familiar terrain of the post-industrial urban environment, deconstructing them until they are unfamiliar, new and beautiful. His subjects are images from the everyday of the collective unconscious: office spaces, restaurants, shopping centres. However, devoid of the humans for whom they were built and by whom they are used, these spaces are stripped of their utility and identity: they are decontextualized and broken down into the basic element of colour, light and lines. Faulhaber's world is hyperrealist because in his photographs the familiar is seen in new and striking ways. A restaurant without patrons and staff becomes a remarkable mediation on shapes and colours, as the viewer takes in the vibrant colours and lines, circles and squares that make up the interior. At a stoplight with no one waiting to cross, the red of the light is reflected subtly on the sidewalk, the aerial perspective of Faulhaber's camera reinforces the outsider perspective of the viewer.”

from: http://www.goethe.de/Ins/cn/hon/acv/bku/2007/de1977076v.htm

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