Jens Liebchen

1970 born in Bonn
  lives in Berlin

1992-1995 Freie Universität Berlin

“There is ... more involved here than the analysis of a genre. Liebchen’s is, in actuality, deconstructive work, for not only does he present the elements in the practice of “war photography” but at the same time he gives an account, by implication, of their developments. War photography is a dangerous business, which stands to reason, and in the age of the heroic modernists it was expected that the war photographer should face dangers squarely: Robert Capa and Eric Borchert are two who paid with their lives for the sake of this unmediated coverage. Post-modernists, on the other hand, don’t take that heroic standpoint, mainly because the wars they report form no part of a larger cause. Mostly, these wars have local dimensions incomprehensible to an outsider, and might be carried out by devoted patriots, but equally by robbers and deluded children… The photgraphic reporter is of necessity in these conditions a transient, principally a nervous traveller in unreliable streets.”

Ian Jeffrey

Goethe-Institut Singapur

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